My name is Tamika aka Ms. MakinIt, I am an Entrepreneur, US Army Veteran, Fireman’s Wife, a Published Author and advocate for children’s literacy. I am also the house manager for a blended family of SEVEN kids between the ages of 16 and 6 months! I am a football/band mom that can be seen (and HEARD) on the sidelines EVERY Friday night and a momager to 2 kid actors and models. Oh yeah, I’m a therapist, teacher, lawyer and the inventor of all home-made remedies a mom could possibly use LOL! After all, that’s what all of us mommies do, right? We should definitely be paid for our jobs… and I ain’t talking with successful children – Bring on the cash LOL!

I am starting this blog after going through so many situations from being a single mother of THREE to blended family mom of SEVEN bigheads (bun was in the oven on this pic). Everyone I know said I should make this stuff public to the masses so here I am! LOL I am by no means an expert, BUT, I have a story to tell and hope you can find yourself somewhere in it. If my story can provide the tiniest bit of hope through your situation, I will be totally satisfied! As a once homeless (temporarily) single-mommy, I can totally relate to the overwhelming frustration faced while trying to keep your head above water. Now that I’m married, I can also share a little about the highs and super lows of #makinit through a blended family marriage as well. Through blogging, I simply hope to share my journey with you so we can go through life together.

I remember getting out of the Army after 9-11, leaving my children’s father after a physical altercation, moving back in with my parents and feeling like the world was over… Then Hurricane Wilma came and blew the roof off their home & we were literally homeless. At that point, friends stepped in like, “I know you don’t think you will sleep in your car with those 3 boys?!”. Of course, I took them up on the offer and we moved in, but that couldn’t be life for me. I found a job and worked/saved then got my own place. This has always been a trend in my life, though every adversity. I have, by the grace of God, ALWAYS gotten back on my feet, thus the name Ms. MakinIt was born!

This hustle/struggle has always been a part of my adult life, I can’t wait to share how my then 5-year-old son was facing a Baker Act from his first elementary school, only to find out that he was gifted and they had no interest in finding this out. How we were basically evicted TWICE, when the child support stopped and how I was only making $12.71 an hour but still taking trips to Disney and Lego Land. I can definitely share a thing or two or three about stretching a dollar LOL! The plus side of all of this was when we were evicted, the kids thought we were just having sleep-overs, they never knew I was struggling and got everything on their Christmas/Birthday lists no matter how long they were.

We can talk relationships, or lack thereof too. Before I got with my hubby, I went through every bum known to man lol… the “rapper”, the player, the thug and everything in between. My husband and I were married in 2013 so I am no pro in this area, BUT we were married with 3 children on each side. They called us the black Brady Bunch because of it lol. We have been through crazy, academy award-winning drama with exes, job-loss and a baby THROUGH TIED TUBES! As most of you married ladies know, our hubbies aren’t horrible, BUT they can sometimes act like over-grown man children and we want to implement the smack-o-daddy multiple times a day! LOL

Besides blogging, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences as a mommy in the Children’s Book Series: Makin It Through! You can purchase the book “Mommy’s Having a Baby!” on my website

~ Ms. MakinIt